Abingdon Artists
Supporting creativity in the community

History of Abingdon Artists

Abingdon Artists was set up as a small group of Artists in 1990, it was led by Mrs Pat Tayler whose aim was to 'Bring Art to the People'.

The group met initially at the Peachcroft Centre and an informal class was set up on a Tuesday afternoon for anyone who wanted to paint. This class still exists today, but is now held at the hall at Christchurch (Northcourt road). This is a thriving group which started with just 6 participants and now usually has between 16 and 20 regular painters. Advice and help is always available.

Exhibitions were held to enable anybody to show their work, no matter what the standard or style. For many years exhibitions were held in the Guildhall. Members have also exhibited in the Abingdon Museum, the Museum Basement, St Helen's Church and St Nicolas Church.  Opportunities are taken to use suitable venues, subject to their availability.

Abingdon Artists was set up to be all inclusive: the only requirement was to have an interest in Art. Visitors are very welcome to the events held for a small fee.

Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Celebration for Abingdon Artists (2015)

In 2015 the Abingdon Artists Society reached its twenty-fifth year. Members were pictured in the Oxford Mail  in the Autumn Exhibition in 2015, and this picture is shown on this page.. The founder, Mrs Pat Tayler, was able to visit Abingdon and join the celebrations. 

The President and Committee

The current Honorary President is Cllr.  Alison Rooke

The Committee currently comprises the following members, with their office and responsibilities.  They can be contacted at:

  • Co-Chairpersons              Caroline Ritson & Diana Matthews
  • Honorary Secretary         Margaret Horton
  • Honorary Treasurer         Carolyn Hawkes      
  • Membership Secretary    Andrea Whitehouse              
  • Programme                      Caroline Ritson & Valerie Dearlove
  • Member    Sue Hill                           
  • Member    Norman Pounds 

Artist for the Month is managed by Maggie Baker-Rawle

Responsibility for the Exhibitions is shared between all members of the Committee.