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The Artist for the Month for November is: Chris Harrison

Our Artist for the Month scheme enables those members who participate to display and to offer for sale, their work at local venues for one calendar month during the year. This is in addition to showing work at our annual Exhibitions. The scheme offers any member the opportunity to show a significant number of paintings at one time, over the following  venues:

We are delighted that La Baguette have offered Abingdon Artists a wall space to display some work. We have two pieces on display. So do go in for a coffee and take a look.

There is a small cost of £8.00 for any participating artist, or two artists may share the month if they so choose, at a cost of £10.00 for the pair.  Opening times vary from venue to venue, so artists are asked to check with the organiser, Maggie Baker-Rawle, at maggie_bakerrawle@yahoo.co.uk  or at 01235 522074.

Image by Chris Harrison ©Abingdon Artists

Here is the list of Artists for the Month for 2017/2018:


  • January       Marion Owen
  • February      Lucy Hoch
  • March           Audrey Griffin
  • April             Jo Wiggins
  • May              Muriel Halliday and Josie Chappelle
  • June             John Rawling
  • July              Douglas Simpson
  • August         Carol Gibbs
  • September   Carol Gibbs
  • October        Chris Harrison
  • November    Chris Harrison
  • December     Maggie Baker-Rawle


  • January        Maggie Baker-Rawle
  • February      TBA
  • March           TBA
  • April             Carol Gibbs
  • May              Rosalind Fiskin
  • June             John Rawling
  • July              Norman Pounds and Diana Matthews
  • August         Marion Owen
  • September   Marion Owen
  • October        Dougie Simpson
  • November    Andrea Whitehouse
  • December    Mike Brain