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Abingdon Artist's Exhibitions

Abingdon Artists is committed to holding at least two exhibitions each year, one in Spring and the second in Autumn.  However, we remain open to the possibility of holding additional exhibitions should opportunities arise.  Currently our exhibitions are held either in St Nicolas’ Church on the Market Place in Abingdon or in Christchurch Barn, Northcourt, Abingdon

2020 Exhibitions

The Abingdon Artists' Spring Exhibition: 30 March - 4 April in St Nicolas Church, Abingdon OX14 3HF

The Abingdon Artists' Autumn Exhibition: 27 - 31 October in Christchurch Barn, Northcourt OX14 1PL (Preview on 26 October.)

2019 Exhibitions

The Abingdon Artists' Autumn Art Exhibition 2019 was held from Tuesday 29th October to Saturday 2nd November in Christchurch Barn, Northcourt, Abingdon OX14 1PL I

We have just ended another very successful exhibition at the Christ Church Barn and we hope you all managed to visit. Visitors for the week were 658, with 91 at the Preview.  There was a record number of paintings (25) sold, at least in recent years. Eleven Browser items were sold, 362 cards and 232 raffle tickets.

The Abingdon Artists' Spring Exhibition was held from 1-6 April, 2019  in St Nicolas Church, Abingdon OX14 3JD. 

We hope you all enjoyed our Spring Exhibition last week where we had 871 visitors in spite of two rather wet days. Initial figures are 13 paintings, 10 browser items and 272 cards and 178 raffle tickets sold. Connie Addison’s painting [the raffle prize] has found a new home in Faringdon, coincidentally with a member of their art society! 

A big thank you to everyone, including some non members, who contributed - by entering work, stewarding,  front desk and particularly put up and take down. There were lots of compliments on the variety and standard of the work on display.  We both feel very proud to be a part of the group that is Abingdon Artists!


Conditions of Entry  (Only paid-up Members may exhibit.)

All members are eligible to enter three works of art in any exhibition, for which there is a Hanging Charge, currently £3.00 per piece, payable on submission.  Not for Sale works can also be hung for a charge of £4.50 per piece.  Browser items cost £1 per piece.  There is no Selection Committee.  Every effort is made to hang all works of art submitted.

  1. Only original works by the artist are acceptable. Copies of other artists’ work from demonstrations, magazines, books, photographs, the Internet etc. are not admissible.
  2. All frames must be regular frames (i.e. not clip frames) and should have D rings and wire (or equivalent) for hanging.  Any other form of connecting the wire will not be accepted.
  3. All framed pictures must have a label either attached or stuck to the back of the painting, with the following information clearly printed:  artist’s name, title of picture, medium, price.
  4. Very large artworks (e.g. A2 and above) are discouraged, in order to ensure that all artists’ work can be hung.
  5. Specific times for handing-in and collection will be advised at the artists meeting prior to the exhibition.  No other times will be permitted except by prior arrangement.
  6. All exhibitors are expected to do a minimum of one stewarding session during the exhibition, and to be present to help at the hanging and taking down of the exhibition.
  7. All artists are able to sell printed cards of their work which currently have a standard price. Hand-made cards can be priced separately. ( See pre-exhibition information which is currently mailed to all members prior to the exhibition).  Cards may either be sold individually or in packs. All cards should be wrapped in cellophane and individually priced.
  8. All artists are able to put three items for sale into the browser.  Each of these works must be wrapped in cellophane, labelled and priced.
  9. Exhibitors will be charged 10% commission on any sales.
  10. The positioning of the exhibits within the Exhibition is the sole responsibility of the Hanging Committee and may not be altered by artists, stewards or visitors. Great care and time is taken to display work artistically, fairly and safely.
  11. All participating artists are able to invite guests to the Meet the Artists function which is normally currently held on the Wednesday evening at 7.30pm at the venue of the exhibition.  Blank invitations will be given out to members at the monthly meeting prior to the exhibition for handing out to their friends and family.
  12. We sell Raffle Tickets for a painting donated by a member for the purpose at each exhibition.  The funds from this go to the Society.  The prize is drawn on the afternoon of the last day.
  13. The Society accepts no responsibility for loss of or damage to exhibits, but every effort will be made to see that all entries are returned in the same condition as received. Insurance of work against damage is the responsibility of the exhibitor.
  14. The Committee reserve the right not to accept an entry without having to give a reason.  In the unlikely event of this happening, the hanging fee will be refunded.
  15. By signing and sending in the entry form, you acknowledge that you accept the above conditions.